Vintage Roller Skates lamp by Studio ORYX

Vintage Roller Skates lamp by Studio ORYX – upcycleDZINE
Roller skates, a sugar container and a shoemaker’s last. These are fantastic examples of well known items that combined could turn into one stunning upcycled lamp. I belong to the generation that had those roller skates with steel wheels. No not those rubber or synthetic ones. I had the skates that made a lot of noice. But boy, did I have some fun with them. My roller skates didn’t have shoes atteched. Just like the ones that are used for this lamp, whatever shoe you where wearing was okay. Just step on the skate and pull the straps tighter and go for it. And that was just what I did.

Roller skates get an unique twist

And these great vintage roller skates are part of this ‘Vintage Roller Skates lamp‘ designed by Re’em Eyal | Studio ORYX. “I do find the beauty and aesthetics in the things that other people classified as junk. From this useless junk I try to give a new meaning to the materials i buy in the Flea markets.”
The Vintage Roller Skates lamp consists of two vintage skates, combined with a shoemaker’s last, and sugar dispensers. The lamps come as a pair and make a great couple together but are also sold separately.
The skates were found in a flea market in Prague and London, the sugar dispensers in Israel and Berlin and the alcohol shaker in Budapest. The shoemaker’s lasts were found in Israel.

Vintage Roller Skates lamp by Studio ORYX – upcycleDZINE
Photo © Studio ORYX

Established in 2009, Tel Aviv, by Re’em Eyal. Aesthetics is the main guideline of the studio. Every product is hand crafted, and being given a unique twist to its original use. “I love seeing the story of the product, and what it went through the passage of time, whether its a small dent, or a spot of rust.”
Compliments to Re’em Eyal for making such fine pieces of design/art by upcycling vintage items. Nice!

Design by Studio ORYX



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