Vinyl Records Lamp by Genanvendt

Vinyl Records Lamp by Genanvendt – upcycleDZINE
A few weeks ago I showed you the very elegant ‘Vinyl eyewear‘ by Tipton Eyeworks. And today it’s vinyl again, a ‘Vinyl Record Lamp‘ by Genanvendt based in Denmark.
I said it before, vinyl is very popular and not only for playing music. No I think these LPs, Long-Playing records, have a nostalgic feel to them and they remind us of the ‘good old days’. So what better way, besides playing them on a turntable, than to make beautiful upcycle design out of them like Relight my fire! and RE_VINYL clock.

Vinyl Records Lamp by Genanvendt – upcycleDZINE
Photo © Genanvendt 

Long-Playing vinyl with a nostalgic glow

So Genanvendt adds another design to the upcycled Vinyl list. Like with other discarded items, with upcycling they get a ‘new’ life. The Vinyl Record Lamp is a unique design that creates a nostalgic glow and comes in different sizes, available in a table and pendant version.
“The records provide a comfortable, subdued lighting because the bulb is enclosed by a screen of astralit, material that is intended for this purpose. Astralit is used as screen in a number of the famous Danish design lamps.”
You can either buy one or order your very own version with your own old LPs that you can send to Genanvendt. I guess I’ve to take a look at my boxes filled with old LPs.

Design by Genanvendt




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