Wine Barrel Furniture by Balk en Plank

Wine Barrel Furniture by Balk en Plank – upcycleDZINE
Over here in The Netherlands we had some nice and warm weather a month ago. Since then it wasn’t that convincing. But since last week we’re getting there. And for next weekend temperatures should even reach 27 degrees Celsius. And with that kind of weather, read summer, you start thinking about a nice garden table and chairs set. And being into upcycling one should only want upcycle design furniture.

Lounging on an upcycled wine barrel

Well luckily I came across a Dutch company called Balk en Plank, based in Wezep. They make these incredible cool and authentic looking upcycle Wine Barrel Furniture [Fb] pieces. From tables to chairs to coffee tables and even a bench.
Wine Barrel Furniture by Balk en Plank – upcycleDZINE
Wine Barrel Furniture by Balk en Plank – upcycleDZINE
Photos © Balk en Plank

Balk en Plank [meaning beam and board] takes these used barrels and upcycles them. “These transport barrels of 225 liters are made of white american quarter sawn oak, 95 cm high and 69 cm thick in diameter, with a 25 to 30 mm thick wall. The Barrels are from France and were filled with red wine for 2 to 6 years.”
This barrel furniture is another great example of what can be done by upcycling used wine barrels. If you want to see more upcycle design made from wine barrels like just have a look here, from companies like San Patrignano and Stil Novo Design.
I’m sure a barrel lounge set by Balk en Plank will look great in any garden.

Design by Balk en Plank


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