Wolfgang Keyboard bench: keyboard furniture by Nolan Herbut – upcycleDZINE
Another interesting object that gets thrown away is a computer keyboard. Not that the keyboard itself is so interesting, but the keys that are used. ‘Light of Characters‘ is a great example of what can be done by upcycling these keys into a fantastic lamp.
I’ve also seen jewelry made from keys and a table top that uses the nice flat keys that can be found on Apple keyboards.

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Keyboard keys with playful interaction

The upcycle design piece in this post is already a few years old, but nonetheless a pretty amazing one. The design is by Nolan Herbut, an industrial designer from Edmonton, Alberta | Canada and is called ‘Wolfgang Keyboard bench‘.
The bench is made up of 2000 keys imbedded into a layered Baltic birch wood. Each key is pressable and actually makes a clicking sound when pressed. “The tactile effect of the bench also makes a playful interaction with the bench because you engage with the piece of furniture in a very up close and intimate manner while pressing in the keys.”
Wolfgang Keyboard bench: keyboard furniture by Nolan Herbut – upcycleDZINE
Wolfgang Keyboard bench: keyboard furniture by Nolan Herbut – upcycleDZINE
Wolfgang Keyboard bench: keyboard furniture by Nolan Herbut – upcycleDZINE
Photos © Nolan Herbut

As a designer he’s inspired by his surroundings and different life experiences. “I strive to infuse both motivations into my design work to create meaningful objects that both challenge and communicate with contemporary culture.”

Design by Nolan Herbut

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