BAGAT: shoemaker lamp by WilDesignArt

BAGAT: shoemaker lamp by WilDesignArt – upcycleDZINE
Today’s featured upcycle design is about an almost forgotten craftsmanship. It’s about the craft of shoemaking. I know there are still shoemakers, but not so many as there used to be. Most people nowadays think their shoes can’t be repaired and throw them away. Well I must say that looking at the shoes I own, the ones with a leather sole and heel are the more classic ones. And those are also the more expensive ones, the ones that can easily be repaired and outlive my other shoes like for instance sneakers. After a visit to the shoemaker these classic shoes almost look like new with a fresh pair of soles and heels.

Upcycle design inspired by shoemaker

A shoemaker uses some specific and recognizable tools and equipment. So when I saw this upcycle design lamp I immediately thought it was inspired by and honoring the craft of shoemaking.
BAGAT: shoemaker lamp by WilDesignArt – upcycleDZINE
The floor lamp is called Bagat and is designed by WilDesignArt, founded by architect Giovanni Dal Cin in 2014 and based in Varese | Italy. WilDesignArt designs and creates design objects, furniture, accessories, lamps and sculptures.
The lamp is produced in small series and made with old wooden forms, retrieved from a shoemaker. The base, measures about 30×30 cm., is made out of recycled metal and serves to give balance to the wooden shoe form called ‘last’. A toggle switch has been added to the last. The articulated wooden joint is rather new and is designed to accommodate and allow movement of the rods. These are made with tubular aluminum, which hides the power cord that feeds a LED strip attached under a discarded old shoe brush. The rods are approximately 50 cm. and the lamp has a total height of about 80/90 cm.
BAGAT: shoemaker lamp by WilDesignArt – upcycleDZINE
BAGAT: shoemaker lamp by WilDesignArt – upcycleDZINE
BAGAT: shoemaker lamp by WilDesignArt – upcycleDZINE
Giovanni Dal Cin:

“I started the WilDesignArt project, particularly through the self-production of lamps and lighting installations, either as unique pieces and in small series. Mainly using pieces of recovery, from demolition materials, antique farm equipment, beached and rusted irons woods. Evidence of a wise and now disused craft, or simple waste, rethinking with new functions, restoring dignity and value through creative reuse. Always starting from the concept of upcycling. I am fascinated by the idea of ​​recovering the form and matter of these objects, contaminate each other or with the addition of new elements. Assembling them dry with mechanical systems, without the use of adhesives,
with a particular attention also to their possible future re-sale.”

BAGAT: shoemaker lamp by WilDesignArt – upcycleDZINE
Photos © WilDesignArt

WilDesignArt is always searching for ways to add light to their upcycle designs, in particular using LED technology. “Creating forms, while remaining recognizable, always has unexpected effects.”
All items are handmade and, only when necessary, treated with products based on vegetable raw materials such as oils and waxes. Bagat is part of an impressive collection created by Giovanni.
This lamp is another great addition to the upcycle design pieces that use vintage objects  reminding us of their history and usage.

Design by WilDesignArt | Facebook


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