Cassette Tapes Lamp by OOO My Design

Cassette Tapes Lamp by OOO My Design – upcycleDZINE
This is another lamp made of an item that was popular a few decades ago, the ’80s. Just like the CD and DVD used to be polular. I’m talking about the audio cassette tape. Personally it was one of my most popular items, together with my LPs, HiFi set and…. my stunning Sony walkman. Yes that music player before the iPod [introduced in 2001]! I remember always taking the walkman with me on my vacations and trips. The cassette tape is a real symbol of my generation.

Cassette Tapes Lamp by OOO My Design – upcycleDZINE
Surfing the internet and searching for another great upcycle design I stumbled onto this lamp. The ‘Cassette Tape Lamp‘ by OOO My Design in Valencia | Spain. Taking advantage of its structural properties, a lamp/box has been created only by means of tying the tapes firmly together. And this lamp is a ‘special edition’ made of colored transparent tapes. Especially the transparent cassettes create a beautiful shiny atmosphere. A very unique piece.

Design by OOO My Design



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