Companio: fire extinguisher grill by Barendsen & Diepenbrock – upcycleDZINE
You may have noticed as a regular visitor of upcycleDZINE and/or reader of the weekly newsletter, that some objects are more popular than others. Looking at the long list of quite impressive upcycle design pieces you will find several designers that use the same object. Just like bicycle parts that are pretty populair, resulting in stunning upcycle objects. a fire extinguisher is populair too. To see what I mean: Fire Extinguisher lamp, Achille le Grand and Tank Light.

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A fire extinguisher you want to share with friends

The design I’m adding to this group is a design that I saw on the web earlier this year. I forgot to bookmark the page and found it again last week. It’s a discarded fire extinguisher upcycled into a contact grill called ‘Companio‘. Who would think of a thing like this? Well Thijs Barendsen and Johanna Diepenbrock from the FH Aachen, University of Applied Sciences thought of it during a workshop as a competition entry for the Young Creations Award: Upcycling 2014 at the Heimtextil fair.

Companio: fire extinguisher grill by Barendsen & Diepenbrock – upcycleDZINE
Companio: fire extinguisher grill by Barendsen & Diepenbrock – upcycleDZINE
A fire extinguisher is a fantastic device as long as you follow the instructions and especially expiration date. After a while they have to be processed, but lots of times they end up in landfill.
So Thijs and Joanna saved this well known product by giving it an amazing new life. The word Companio originates from Medieval Latin where it meant a person where you shared things with like food, a loyal companion. And that is exactly what this contact grill does, a product that lets you share a nicely warm grilled panini with your friends, companions.

Companio: fire extinguisher grill by Barendsen & Diepenbrock – upcycleDZINE
Companio: fire extinguisher grill by Barendsen & Diepenbrock – upcycleDZINE
Photos © Thijs Barendsen and Johanna Diepenbrock

“To become such a practical member of the household, the former fire extinguisher had to undergo a number of alterations. First, it was cut in half and reassembled with hinges. Then it was set on feet and given a handle and lamps that indicate whether it has been turned on or if it is in pre-heating mode. Companio’s core is made from two sawn grill plates, the electric interiors of two former sandwich makers and insulating material. The hose was enlarged with a drill to enable it to hold the cable and the plug.”
Oh, I should mention that the Companio was rewarded with Audience Award in the Young Creations Award: Upcycling 2014.
What I really like about this upcycle design piece is the fact that in this second life the product is also used for taking care of heat. Only in a very different and more relaxed and friendly way.

Design by Thijs Barendsen and Johanna Diepenbrock


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