L'ALLUMEUSE: BBQ gas tank lighting by LA FIRME – upcycleDZINE
In another post, I’ve written that upcycle design could be described as ‘an experience that is enjoyable because it evokes a feeling of recognition’ [Wikipedia]. Just discovering that a piece of upcycle design is created out of an everyday object or material is so often a happy experience. And it’s even more intriguing if it’s something you wouldn’t have expected to be used for upcycling like a propane/gas tank.

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Upcycled gas tank as a reminder of lighting evolution

Two fantastic and fun examples of upcycled gas tanks are designed by junction studio and Redolab. They both show a creative new function given to a sturdy object like a gas tank.
Another impressive upcycle design is a creation called L’ALLUMEUSE by Canadian company LA FIRME, based in Montréal.
L'ALLUMEUSE: BBQ gas tank lighting by LA FIRME – upcycleDZINE
L'ALLUMEUSE: BBQ gas tank lighting by LA FIRME – upcycleDZINE L'ALLUMEUSE: BBQ gas tank lighting by LA FIRME – upcycleDZINE
‘L’Allumeuse’ is French for ‘the Teaser’ and is one of those simple, minimal, and intriguing designs that will stay with you for a long time. When I saw this lamp for the first time I just looked at the design and saw a top of a gas tank and a stick hanging underneath it.
The fun aspect of this lamp is the relationship, or contrast, between the stick and the top of the lamp. To be more precise, a matchstick and a BBQ gas tank. That’s quite an ‘explosive’ combination. The giant matchstick is the on/off switch.
L'ALLUMEUSE: BBQ gas tank lighting by LA FIRME – upcycleDZINE

“In addition to its iconic design, the Gas Lamp is a vivid reminder of the evolution of lighting and of our relationship with fuels.”

L'ALLUMEUSE: BBQ gas tank lighting by LA FIRME – upcycleDZINE
Photos © Marie-Élaine Benoit & Jonathan Nicol

LA FIRME was born out of the encounter between artists, designers, and general contractors for whom technical sophistication and aesthetics are the key ingredients of a successful project. “We believe that the quality of an interior lies in the integration and coherence of the overall elements that revolve around it: from energy efficiency through colorways to furniture, materials, lighting, mechanical engineering, and ergonomics.”

Design by La Firme

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