Gas Tanks upcycled by junktion studio

Upcycled Gas Tanks by junktion studio
Upcycle design could be described as ‘an experience that is enjoyable because it evokes a feeling of recognition’ [Wikipedia]. This is what the Dutch phrase ‘feast of recognition’ means. Seeing a piece of upcycle design is so often a happy experience because one discovers the original object or material that’s upcycled into something completely new. And it’s even more intriguing if it’s something you wouldn’t have expected to be used for upcycling.
One of those not so obvious objects is a propane/gas tank. It has only been featured on upcycleDZINE once. The design is a simpel, minimal and fascinating lamp called L’ALLUMEUSE by La Firme.

Gas tanks taken out of context

Today upcycleDZINE is very happy to show you another upcycle design that uses gas tanks. It’s actually a series of different products. The Gas Tank Series is a creation by junktion studio. The design and art studio was founded in 2008 and Gurit Magen has been operating Junktion studio ever since. It is based in Tel Aviv | Israel. Yes again Israel, it seems that there’s a good upcycle design vibe going on.
Upcycled Gas Tanks by junktion studio
The Gas Tank Series shows gas tanks upcycled into colourful baskets, fruit stands and bowls. The series shows an everyday object taken out of context and upcycled into a new product with a completely new and fun function. And of course thereby adding value.
At junktion studio they are convinced that there’s enough stuff in the world as it is. They don’t throw away, they collect.
Upcycled Gas Tanks by junktion studio
junktion studio:

“We believe that once people stop fixing things its the beginning of an end. We like fixing things rather than replacing them. To what we can not fix we try and give a second life as something else. Something useful, something that still shows the previous form, something that smiles at the previous form. The majority of the designs are ‘one-off’ items.”

Upcycled Gas Tanks by junktion studio
One of the nice characteristics of upcycle design is that it can show wear, like scratches, scraped off old paint or patches of rust. At junktion studio they love the old handicrafts and trades that almost cease to exist (cobbling, engraving, smithery, welding, carpentry, tailoring, upholstering).
Upcycled Gas Tanks by junktion studio
Photos © junktion studio

Sometimes upcycleDZINE gets asked where to get items for upcycling. Well lots of stuff can be found in the world surrounding you, like inside your home or on the street. Other obvious places are junkyards and flea markets. Just have a look around and maybe you’ll get inspired!

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