GLUTTONY: plastic cutlery lamp by Luis Luna

GLUTTONY: plastic cutlery lamp by Luis Luna – upcycleDZINE
Don’t know about you, but the first thing I think of when I think about garbage/waste is plastic. When you dive into the upcycle design world, you start to notice all the things that are thrown away. And plastic is by far the most thrown away material on our beautiful planet. A lot of people don’t think and don’t care about what they toss away everyday.
Luckily more and more people become eco-friendly and appreciate the upcycle design wave that is getting stronger and bigger. Some objects that get upcycled are amazing to see. But what about simple less impressive everyday objects, are they worth upcycling? Well, especially those objects can have an impact after being upcycled. Seeing such a familiar product with a totally new function might make one realize what is actually thrown away everyday.

Plastic cutlery casts playful shadows on the wall

Talking about items that are thrown away, what about the plastic stick/spoon used for your coffee or thee? A typical item that is discarded by thousands everyday. I guess you never thought you could make a SPOON lamp out of those little sticks. Or stunning art called WISDOM, made out of discarded plastic objects.
GLUTTONY: plastic cutlery lamp by Luis Luna – upcycleDZINE
Another piece of upcycle design is a simple and fun circular formed pendant lamp. The design is called Gluttony by Luis Luna, a designer from Durango | Mexico. It was created in 2006, was exhibited at 100% Design Tokio and was a finalist in the ‘house party’ competition by designboom.
GLUTTONY: plastic cutlery lamp by Luis Luna – upcycleDZINE
Photos © Luis Luna

The lamp consists of knives, forks and spoons. This plastic cutlery is arranged and then glued together. the lamp gets a nice effect when the light is turned on due to the slight transparency of the material. Maybe most strikingly are the playful shadows on the wall.

Design by Luis Luna


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