NITYA: pallet wood shelving system by YvaR DesigN – upcycleDZINE
Pallet wood is still very popular among upcycle designers and people who like upcycle design. On the internet there is lots of great upcycle design to be found made out of this material. Beautiful and unique upcycle design made out of only discarded pallet wood. Here on upcycleDZINE we’ve shown some outstanding pieces. Have a look at 2BY1 by Denis Maria, Pallet wood lampshade by Factory Twenty One or Pallet wood armchair collection by Redolab.

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Shelving system with almost endless possibilities

And now upcycleDZINE wants to show you yet a another fantastic upcycle design piece. Still a creation made out of discarded pallet wood, but totally different. It’s a piece of homeware called NITYA, a shelving system to attach to the wall. The design is by YvaR DesigN, based in Tours | France, and founded by Ravi Pandourangam in 2014. This design consists of 5 portions of different sizes on a polished copper bar.
NITYA: pallet wood shelving system by YvaR DesigN – upcycleDZINE
NITYA: pallet wood shelving system by YvaR DesigN – upcycleDZINE
According to YVAR Design the idea is to give the impression of a creation respecting perfectly straight, perpendicular and parallel lines despite the use of deteriorated and extremely marked wood. By rotating each portion the way you like, the possibilities are almost endless.
NITYA: pallet wood shelving system by YvaR DesigN – upcycleDZINE
YVAR DesigN:

“This creative fiber through everyday objects using mainly wood recovered on site, was born in 2013. A perpetual search of original furniture, minimalist, contemporary, raw and unique, the idea of creating my own furniture was made naturally. As a painter’s canvas, a composer of song, every achievement is transformed into artistic work in which I express my creative identity traditional way.”

NITYA: pallet wood shelving system by YvaR DesigN – upcycleDZINE
On his website Ivar states that working with pallet wood requires more work than new wood bought in a shop. Pallets have endured transport, supported loads and suffered weather conditions. He acknowledges the modest part it plays in sustainability by giving the wood a second life. Although to complete a creation he has to use an electric sander and acrylic paint and hardware, still the environmental impact is much smaller compared to recycling wood. He loves to work with wood. To him wood is alive, with its defects and its qualities. He believes in the vision that ’perfection lies in the imperfection’.
NITYA: pallet wood shelving system by YvaR DesigN – upcycleDZINE
Photos © YvaR DesigN

I’m very glad to have found this interesting pallet wood design piece. Besides being very interesting, NITYA also shows a beautiful contrast in materials. The copper bar gives the whole creation a nice touch. Yes it’s copper again! NITYA can be purchased online.

Design by YvaR DesigN

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