This incredible upcycle design chair has been on my to-feature list for some time. I don’t know why I haven’t featured it yet. Anyway, as you can see it’s quite a remarkable design. The object that has been used is so obvious to everyone. But making a great looking chair out of it is what it’s all about.

Comfy upcycle design shopping cart chair

The chair is called ‘Annie’ and is by designer Max McMurdo, founder in 2003 of reestore, based in Stevenage | United Kingdom. He started reestore because he became uneasy at the consumption focused ways of the traditional design world. The purpose of reestore is to design and manufacture a range of high end desirable furniture items created from waste destined for landfill. According to Max: “eco friendly products do not need to be made from mud and hemp, they can be contemporary, stylish and desirable as well as taking the environment into consideration”.

Annie is almost an iconic design for showing what upcycle design is all about. A battered shopping cart usually ends up as scrap or you can find them in backyards or on the side of the road. The great thing about Annie is that reestore shows what one can do with upcycling. By turning a piece of waste into a comfy and fun looking stunning design.

Photos © reestore

You may recognize the creations by reestore following Max’s appearance on BBC’s Dragons’ Den. As a result of the investment gained from Deborah Meaden and Theo Paphitis, they have been able to upscale production and develop the range.
“From our Bedfordshire based studio, we design and manufacture a range of handmade products for the home, office and retail sectors. Our current range includes chairs made from shopping trolleys, roll top baths transformed into sofas, and magnificent desks produced from aeroplane wings.”

Design by Max McMurdo | reestore



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