Vintage Piano upcycled into desk by MonkWood Studio – upcycleDZINE
Who doesn’t love wood? Wood is natural, warm and friendly. It can be rough or classy. And best of all, there’s lots of wood to be found for upcycling. Just look at the latest craze that’s going on with used pallets. And before that scaffolding wood was the thing. But there’s also a lot of wood that’s just best thrown away after sawing or after it’s been used.
Fortunately there are great craftsmen who take discarded wood and create stunning new pieces of upcycle design furniture. Just like this ‘Piano desk‘.

Piano strings reveal its origin

This stunning desk is designed by Brandon Monk Muñoz, founder of MonkWood Studio. He started in a small 2 car garage workshop in 2011. Monkwood Studio is now based in the Magoski Arts Colony in Downtown Fullerton, California | United States.
“We found this piano back in an alley and cleaned and saved it for something special. Here it is… This is a great minimalist workspace for either you iMac, MacBook, iPad or just a pen and paper. You can obviously use it with any ‘non tower’ computer, but I designed it with grey and white accents with the Mac addict in mind.”

Vintage Piano upcycled into desk by MonkWood Studio – upcycleDZINE
Best part of the desk and a real eye-catcher are the strings. They’re out of tune, but all intact to show it’s real character, original use and origin. “When strummed or plucked you get some cool atonal soundscapes.”
The bench and table top are constructed from 5 types of salvaged woods including cherry, oak, poplar and all kinds of ply. All these different types of wood combined create a very rich look and feel.

Vintage Piano upcycled into desk by MonkWood Studio – upcycleDZINE
Photos © MonkWood Studio

Brandon has been working with wood professionally for over 16 years. He specializes in the use of salvaged and reclaimed materials, sourced directly from local demolition crews. Because of the fact that the wood is reclaimed, it has a history. And that’s exactly what Brandon wants: “I like telling my clients exactly the story behind the wood.”
If you can’t play piano and always wanted to own a one, this is your chance. A used piano as a unique desk.

Design by MonkWood Studio



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