DIY: Slow Coffee Maker by Ben Uyeda – upcycleDZINE
Coffee is something I love and a sort of addiction you might say. That first small cup of espresso, sorry ‘un caffè’, in the morning is something I really look forward to. Especially when I’m in Italy it’s a unique experience. Walking in a bar and drinking that caffè standing at the counter is something unrivaled. Yes standing and not sitting down. An espresso is meant to be drunk very quickly in a few sips.
The opposite of drinking coffee quickly is brewed coffee. An increasingly popular option among home enthusiasts and baristas alike. This kind of coffee is also known as ‘slow coffee‘ and is brewed using gravity instead of pressure. Because of it’s popularity new methods and devices have emerged. In a way slow coffee is just a new name for an old method of coffee making. My mother in law still uses a paper filter, ground coffee, boiled water, and most importantly, time to brew coffee. And this last aspect is what really makes the difference in extracting that different aroma.

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Create your own slow coffee maker

So what has this to do with upcycle design? Everything. Today upcycleDZINE wants to show you a way how to create your own slow coffee brewer. It’s a fantastic diy on making a Slow Coffee Maker made out of straight pipes, T-fittings, 90 degree elbows, couplings, a glass funnel and pieces of scrap wood. Optionally you can add test tubes.
DIY: Slow Coffee Maker by Ben Uyeda – upcycleDZINE
This amazingly simple upcycle design pour over coffee maker is a creation by Ben Uyeda. He is a designer, lecturer, and entrepreneur focusing on the field of affordable and sustainable design and graduated in 2005 from Cornell University with a Master of Architecture Degree. In 2006 Ben co-founded ZeroEnergy Design (ZED), in 2008 he launched and in 2013 he co-founded HomeMade Modern.
And on the website of HomeMade Modern I found this very interesting and attractive coffee maker diy. The website is an online design source that shares design ideas with hopes of inspiring people to make more of the things they own.
DIY: Slow Coffee Maker by Ben Uyeda – upcycleDZINE
Ben Uyeda:

” ‘Affordable’ and ‘modern’ mean different things to different people, but most would agree that durable, modern furniture isn’t within the financial reach of many. At HomeMade Modern we want to provide affordable, modern home furnishing options without sacrificing design and your wallet.”

DIY: Slow Coffee Maker by Ben Uyeda – upcycleDZINE
Photos © HomeMade Modern

HomeMade Modern is a great site that provides easy-to-follow DIY tutorials for creating modern homeware. They show that sturdy furnishings made from real materials like solid wood, concrete and steel can cost less than cheap, store-bought plastic and particle board furniture.
DIY: Slow Coffee Maker by Ben Uyeda – upcycleDZINE
It’s about showing and telling how and why something should be made. And at the same time encouraging people to create quality goods with naturally durably and discarded materials.

Design by Ben Uyeda | HomeMade Modern | Facebook | Tutorial

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