Exclusive Ferrari F430 brake disc transformed into unique Bluetooth speaker by CAR2ART | upcycleDZINE

I’ve said it before, but sometimes I come across a piece of upcycle design that’s nothing less than amazing. This time I found a design submitted in my inbox that showed exactly what upcycling is all about. Dutch upcycle designer Marco van der Heijden, founder of CAR2ART, creates astonishing and unique design by transforming exclusive car parts into completely new objects. And the design in this post is a great example of what he does. This time he took a Ferrari F430 brake disc and turned it into a unique Bluetooth speaker.

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Exclusive Ferrari F430 brake disc transformed into unique Bluetooth speaker - close up by CAR2ART | upcycleDZINE

Part of Ferrari F430 gets a completely new function

The designer has taken on quite a challenge. He wanted to create a spectacular object from a used brake disc. And judging by the appearance of this fantastic bluetooth speaker, it proves that it has succeeded! Too bad I don’t know what it sounds like. For this speaker, he used a Ferrari F430 brake disc. He started by cleaning and polishing the disc and protected it with a clear coat. A nice aspect of this design is that the disc still shows some signs of wear and tear. Giving it an authentic look and showing its actual use on a Ferrari F430 Spider.
The stable base is formed by using solid 10mm aluminum. At the back of the coaxial speaker is an aluminum case housing the amplifier and Bluetooth electronics and also acts as a soundbox. Powered by an external 12VDC power adapter.

Exclusive Ferrari F430 brake disc transformed into unique Bluetooth speaker - front by CAR2ART | upcycleDZINE

Car part acts as the centrepiece

The designs created by CAR2ART have all one thing in common. They all demand additional components to give the chosen car part a new function. Some real craftsmanship is involved to create these components. Most importantly, the added components enable a second life for a part with a great history.

Exclusive Ferrari F430 brake disc transformed into unique Bluetooth speaker - side by CAR2ART | upcycleDZINE
Photos © CAR2ART

Upcycle design shows passion

After visiting CAR2ARTs website, one thing is clear, he creates upcycle design that shows his passion. Everybody who has ever tried to create upcycle design knows that it is far from easy to achieve exactly what you envisioned. After many trials and errors, hopefully, you will finally reach the point where you managed to create what you had in mind. But there’s one big ingredient that you can’t do without. And that’s passion. Without passion, one will never be able to create the things you want. Whenever you look at great design, you’ll also see the passion that went into creating it.
And last but not least. Marco van der Heijden has used a great slogan from day one that embodies how satisfying it is for him to take something apart and then turn it into a new object. “Take it Apart, Make it Art”.

Design by CAR2ART

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