BARREL by Francesca Cutini

BARREL by Francesca Cutini – upcycleDZINE
During the Tortona Design Week I came across a nice upcycle project. Finally some upcycle design after seeing so much [sometimes too much] ‘regular’ design. It’s almost like finding that needle in the haystack. And when you find it you’re sooo glad. And that’s exactly what happened when I saw ‘BARREL‘ by Francesca Cutini | Barrel12, based in Milan | Italy. A brilliant idea with so many possibilities.
BARREL by Francesca Cutini – upcycleDZINE
BARREL is a design project based on the desire to use recycled materials to create design objects for indoor and outdoor use. Old industrial upcycled iron barrels become a library on wheels, container, pouf or pots/vases for outdoor use. You can close them with a simple click and store bottles, books or all sorts of things in them.
BARREL by Francesca Cutini – upcycleDZINE
Photos © Francesca Cutini

Francesca Cutini works with oil-related objects and retrieves, reinvents and cuts to finally turn them into an ambitious design project. “The idea of a standardized design and technology was deliberately abandoned to start a new realtionship with sustainability and craftmanship, in order to give a character of originality and uniqueness. All the objects are fully customizable in colors an finishing. Each piece in the collection is mounted on wheels and easy to move around.”

Designed by Francesca Cutini | Barrel12



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