If you’re looking for unique, robust furniture with a great history than this might be something for you. Ever thought about a piece of furniture made with railroad components? Well, me neither, until I saw these incredible upcycle designs by Rail Yard Studios.

Railroad parts used for sturdy furniture

After graduating as an industrial designer Robert Hendrick owned a railroad contracting company. After some time he noticed that a lot of railroad ties [sleepers] weren’t good enough anymore and were destined to be burned due to imperfections like knots, splits. He saw possibilities for use in furniture or floors and saved these great wooden pieces. In 2010 he teamed up with his father and two of his best friends and founded Rail Yard Studios, based in Nashville, Tennessee | United States. They started together with the crew from the railroad and today it’s turned into a real business.

Rail Yard Studios makes these beautiful creations out of rescued and upcycled railroad components. This is what it says on their Facebook page: “Sustainable artisan furniture crafted from salvaged railroad components and rescued timbers. Each piece we create has its own documented history deeply rooted in the steel rails with dates back to 1896 and names like Carnegie and Tennessee emblazoned on them.”

Photos © Rail Yard Studios

Amazing what Rail Yard Studios has done with these robust and heavy objects by turning them into beautiful and sturdy furniture.

Design by Rail Yard Studios



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