Hot!: A zig-zag chair made from a radiator by Jeroen Wesselink – upcycleDZINE
Radiators are not the first objects you would think of upcycling. But often those objects turn out to be the most impressive ones. upcycleDZINE has shown before that radiators can turn into a great upcycle design.
For those who haven’t seen it before, look at the Radiator Lounge, Re-Pet lamp and the Heater Seat & Chair.

Radiator chair inspired by Gerrit Rietveld

On one of my searches I came across an upcycle design by Dutch designer Jeroen Wesselink. He designed a radiator chair called ‘Hot!’ out of a discarded radiator. Hot! is inspired by the Zig-Zag chair from famous Dutch architect and furniture designer Gerrit Rietveld [1888–1964].  I must say a fantastic tribute to this great designer.
A very unique feature is that hot water can still flow through the pipes and the valve can regulate the flow rate of hot water. In a way this design has a built in seat warmer.
Photos © Jeroen Wesselink

Jeroen Wesselink: “With projects like the radiator chair I want to involve the viewer in the process of transforming an old used radiator to an eccentric chair. All physical actions should be simple. Important for me is that the transformation is clear and I have nothing to add. It’s all about material quality that is hidden in many objects that lie next to the road.”

Design by Jeroen Wesselink



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