First things first. Let me once again explain what upcycling is all about. Upcycling is the process of transforming waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value. This process is also known as creative reuse, which can be applied to both industrial and post-consumer waste. And these days there are a lot of designers who have a commitment to upcycling.

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upcycleDZINE is now Upcycle Product IGSC Certified
Vintage Stroller Chassis Coffee Table by Wandelwerk

What is Upcycle Certification and what are the benefits?

The benefits of upcycling are that it reduces the need for natural resources and raw materials, saves on energy use, and reduces pollution. It also helps in reducing landfill waste and conserving water resources. It also has an economic benefit in terms of job creation, cost savings, and revenue generation.

How can Upcycle Certification be used for marketing purposes

The certification program is designed to give businesses and organizations the opportunity to distinguish themselves from others in the marketplace by providing their customers with an assurance that they are committed to upcycling.

PETALS: school chairs backrests chandelier by Juraj Vyboh – upcycleDZINE
PETALS: school chairs backrests chandelier by Juraj Vyboh

Education & Training and a Sustainable Certification

The Upcycle Certification is a certification that teaches sustainable practices to students and employees. It is a first of its kind in the world. The certification is designed to educate people about the importance of sustainability and how it can be achieved.

The certification will provide courses on how to create a sustainable business, what it means to be a sustainable entrepreneur, and how to implement sustainability in your daily life. Sustainability education has become increasingly important over time as more and more people are becoming aware of the effects of climate change on our planet.

WISDOM: plastic waste turned into art by Sayaka Ganz – upcycleDZINE
WISDOM: plastic waste turned into art by Sayaka Ganz

Upcycle Product & Material Certification

The IGSC Upcycle global trademark is the first and only accredited by ISO 17065 for Upcyle certification. This manual provides IGSC’s upcycle standard requirements. IGSC defines the manufacturing processes and procedures required for all products and services, including products such as upcycle-related foods, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, supplements, cosmetics, textiles, furniture, vitamins, household goods, personal goods, product manufacturing facilities, restaurants, bakeries, hotels, and educational programs.

IGSC Certified Upcycle Product | upcycleDZINE Certificate
The IGSC Upcycle global trademark is the first and only accredited by ISO 17065 for Upcyle certification.

About IGSC

The Institute of Global Sustainability Certification, IGSC provides certification services with a vision of creating a sustainable world through sustainable certification. We provide various global certification services to strengthen the global competitiveness of companies.
We also develop new certification schemes to meet the needs of companies.
Moreover, we offer educational programs approved by international educational institutions to cultivate international certified auditors.
Lastly, we aim to fulfill corporate social responsibilities by returning profits to society by working in conjunction with Non-Governmental Organizations.

Loft&Light 57: upcycled golf clubs lamp by Gilbert de Rooij – upcycleDZINE
Loft&Light 57: upcycled golf clubs lamp by Gilbert de Rooij

Benefits of choosing Upcycle Certification accreditation

The IGSC upcycle certified trademark is internationally recognized by ISO 17065 standards.
IGSC gained global accreditation by the National Accreditation Center in 2021, making IGSC upcycle certification the first and only logo held to ISO standards.
Accreditation makes their standards higher and symbol more reliable. Consumers know to look for the IGSC upcycle Certified logo for the highest level of transparency.

upcycleDZINE and IGSC

Last and certainly not least, we’re proud to announce a partnership with IGSC. And to top it off, upcycleDZINE is honored to receive the Upcycle Product certification for its upcycling information.

Since you’re here …

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