In our household we always collect enough empty bottles for a recycle point. And I think this is the case for lots of you. But what to do with these bottles besides saving them and bringing them to a recycle point? Well you could use these bottle as legs for a table. Yes, a stunning simple upcycle design table set.
Designer Tati Guimarães, founder of design agency Ciclus, based in Barcelona | Spain, designed a table collection called ‘DVINUS‘. She used wine bottles and wood cut-offs (or wood of certified origin)

Tables show concepts of sustainability

“The idea was to design a product made from reusing an everyday waste material which would allow the users to take part in its construction and invite them to simply and creatively experience the concepts of sustainability. Furthermore, the aim was to bring them closer to the sensations and emotions which our present-day ‘dehumanised’ lifestyle has left behind.”

Photos © Tati Guimarães

The tables are the result of a marriage between wooden organic forms and the reuse of wine bottles that are chosen and added by the users themselves. “Different wooden boards are transformed into tables thanks to the balance provided by the weight of the bottles, which also act as legs, vases and candlesticks, and can form a table, side table, coffee table or vase.”
The thing I like most about this upcycle design is that it lets the user interact with the object. You can use different size bottle sets and the result is a table with a different hight and look. The tables are very versatile, because you can arrange and re-arrange them very easily and move them around as you wish. And the design is, besides being very functional and stunning, also sustainable.

Design by Tati Guimarães | Ciclus



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