Salami Chair: Eco Design furniture by Luca Bornoffi

Upcycle design is becoming more popular. Furniture and lighting are two categories that appeal to a lot of people. Here at upcycleDZINE there are quite a few post showing stunning furniture design pieces, just do a text search for ‘furniture’. Sometimes parts from old chairs turn into a new chair and other times they are transformed into something completely different like Abitudini and Wairs.

Eco design mixes art, design and upcycling

A great example of upcycling chair parts into other furniture is the ‘Salami Chair‘ by Italian artist Luca Bornoffi. It’s a piece of furniture that combines art, design and upcycling and is part of an ‘Eco Design’ project. Bornoffi took an old wooden oak beam and mounted two discarded seats on it and put some wheels underneath so the furniture could easily be moved. The Salami Chair can mount up to three chairs.

Photos © Luca Bornoffi

Luca is not only an artist, he’s currently also working as an entrepreneur managing his family’s farm resort. The reort is also an art gallery, because it’s completely designed and decorated with an eco design concept, by recycling old materials and by using his art works.

Design by Luca Bornoffi art & design



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