DESK2506: desk from reclaimed materials by Jordan Waraksa

If your looking for upcycle design with a great history, well look at this desk. It’s not often that you’ll see such an impressive piece of upcycle design. And best of all, this massive desk is made entirely from reclaimed materials.

Reclaimed materials show their true history

The design is called ‘DESK2506‘ and is by Jordan Waraksa, based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin | USA. If you want to know where the name for this design came from, just look at the last photo in this post.
Jordan Waraksa: “The gears were discarded from an old swing bridge in Milwaukee. Wood is salvaged from a 126 year old barn in South Eastern Wisconsin. The materials patina and history are carefully maintained. Original nail holes, saw-tooth etchings and the imprints of brackets that held the barn frame together are enhanced by my process.”

Photos © Jordan Waraksa

Jordan graduated from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design with a BFA in Sculpture, and the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee with a BA degree in music. His training as a musician can be seen in the fine craftsmanship and quality of his work and overall creative process.
What I like about his work and especially this desk, is the way he combines his love for wood with an industrial look and feel. And all this is done by upcycling reclaimed materials and objects.

Design by Jordan Waraksa



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