Kodak Slide Tray upcycled into mirror by Vintage 5

Vintage5_ Kodak_Slide_Tray_Mirror_01
Maybe I should call it ‘Funny Friday’. Friday is always more fun being the last day before the weekend. But with an upcycle design like this, it’s truly fun. An amazing simple, modern and fun looking mirror I spotted on Etsy.

Carousel slide tray as a nice addition to a wall

This mirror is made from a vintage Eastman Kodak Slide Tray designed by Vintage 5, founded by Nathan Prichard, based in Birmingham, Alabama | United States. “It has been painted Blue & White and a 4″ mirror has been added to the center. The tray measures 9.5″ wide overall and 2 1/4″ deep.”

Vintage5_ Kodak_Slide_Tray_Mirror_02
Vintage5_ Kodak_Slide_Tray_Mirror_03
Vintage5_ Kodak_Slide_Tray_Mirror_04
Photos © Vintage 5

Everybody who’s from my generation will remember the Eastman Kodak Slide Tray. We always used to have them at school during History or Art lessons. As soon as you spotted the carousel slide tray you knew you where in for a nice lesson with great images and stories.
Yes here I go again, I’m so glad that people like Nathan Prichard have ideas for these old and almost forgotten items. And by upcycling these items we still remember what they where used for.

Design by Vintage 5



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