CLOCHE SOFA: sewage pipe furniture by Carlo Sampietro – upcycleDZINE
Rough, sturdy, robust, used, rusty, raw. These words come to mind when seeing today’s upcycle design piece. It reminds me a bit of the Construction furniture series by Piet Hein Eek. A collection made out of upcycled metal piping pieces, resulting in an honest look and feel and very impressive design collection.
And today upcycleDZINE is showing a design that’s also made out of a metal pipe that’s showing that same honesty.

Sewage pipe converted into art

The design is called Cloche Sofa and is a creation by Italian mixed media artist Carlo Sampietro, based in New York City. He transformed a sewage tube into a fully functional modular couch. Hereby converting an element of urban life into art. Cloche Sofa is made out of an object that outlived its original use. In this case a discarded metal New York sewage pipe that’s reclaimed, renovated and upcycled.
CLOCHE SOFA: sewage pipe furniture by Carlo Sampietro – upcycleDZINE
This version of the Cloche Sofa was the first out of a series of similar shaped couches. It’s made by cutting the sewage pipe with a plasma cutter and creating rectangular openings and welding the structure of the back seat piece to the body of the tube. This was done by adding the mechanical system that allows the rotation and locking of the back seat in position.
It was made in Copper with Gold Velvet seats, plexiglas on the sides of the tube illuminated by an LED light. The tube shape was accented by these LED side panels and conic base.
CLOCHE SOFA: sewage pipe furniture by Carlo Sampietro – upcycleDZINE
Carlo Sampietro:

“My work examines the relationships between objects, their intended use and their potential. For me these relationships are a metaphor for the human condition.”

CLOCHE SOFA: sewage pipe furniture by Carlo Sampietro – upcycleDZINE
Photos © Carlo Sampietro

The Cloche Sofa series also consists of the following versions: wood, stainless steel, concrete and marble. All of these materials are present in existing construction materials or natural environment in cylindrical shape. Sampietro received first prize for his Cloche Sofa from the jury A’ Design Award 2013.
Thing I like about this stunning upcycle piece is that it can be used as sculpture, a sofa or as ambient lighting. If you’re thinking about this sofa for your home you should know that it has the following dimensions: 4267 mm in length and 914 mm in diameter. Just to let know.

Design by Carlo Sampietro | Facebook


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