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Looking at these photos you might think that I don’t like books. Wrong, I love them. Reading, holding and yes, smelling old books is an experience on itself. And too bad more and more young people don’t know what I mean. Another thing is that the traditional book industrie is under pressure in this digital age. And people are getting rid of old books. So I can imagine used book stores end up with an enormous amount of books. Throwing away books is not what one wants to do. But what can you do besides letting them gather dust on a bookshelf?
Well, here on upcycleDZINE I’ve featured a few upcycle design ideas made from old books. Just look at the Light Book, Atlas Book Lamp, Stacked Books Table Lamp or Hardback Book Lamp. All fantastic and amazing ideas for upcycling old books.

Books adds charm and history to coat rack

And today I want to show another one. No lighting design this time, but a functional and quite charming upcycle idea. It’s a coat rack called ‘BOOKHOOK DeLuxe. Originally it’s name is ‘KLEIDERORDNUNG’, witch is German for organized clothes. The bookhook is designed by Lockengelöt. This is the name of a redesign studio in Hamburg | Germany. Handmade recycling and redesign is their mission. Since 2004 big oil barrels become cupboard systems, vinyl records are turned into wall lamps. And now books have a second life as coat racks.

Lockengeloet _KLEIDERORDNUNG_02
Lockengeloet _KLEIDERORDNUNG_03
Photos © Lockengelöt

Lockengelöt about the BookHook: “For summer, winter, and in between jackets. You attach them with wall plugs/screw anchors (included), this way the hard cover book gets it´s enormous stability. We get the books for free from bookshops in Hamburg who like what we are doing. Or get your your custom made coat rack, send in your books. The production is based right there in St.Pauli, where every product comes with it s own history and gets a completely new function.”
I don’t know about you, but I think these coat racks will look great in lots of interiors. And they are a nice conversation piece.

Design by Lockengelöt



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