Discarded Vespa upcycled into office chair by Bel & Bel

I’ve always liked scooters. Especially the design of the vintage ones. I don’t ride or own one, but my brother-in-law has two beautiful scooters. And when I’m saying scooter, I mean Vespa. For me Vespa is the real deal when you talk about scooters. I think that’s because of it’s fantastic history.

A chair for the real Vespa fan

In 1946, the first scooters were produced by Piaggio in Italy. So shortly after the Second World War there was a great need for cheap transport. Engineer Corradino D’ Ascanio of Piaggio designed the first prototype of the Vespa (wasp=) in 1945.
Those old scooters have such a stunning design. That’s why it’s a shame that you don’t see them around that much anymore.
But Bel & Bel, a design company based in Barcelona | Spain, has found a way to let discarded Vespa’s shine again. The brothers Jesús and Carles Bel were fascinated by the brilliant design of the Piaggio scooter. So they thought of a way to use not functioning Vespa’s. They turned them into this unique and comfortable office swivel Vespa chairs!

Photos © Bel & Bel

The Vespa Seat is made from original pieces of the legendary Piaggio Scooter. “From the front part we created a unique and original model of rotating chair. The chair presents a strong internal structure and a hydraulic piston for height regulation. It is a really comfortable and ergonomic chair leather upholstered. The traditional character of the piece combined with modern lines makes it a unique product and a sample of the most Avant-garde Art design.”
Its unique appearance is a delight in any environment. The Vespa chair is handmade with genuine parts from Piaggio and the original logo Vespa.
You can even order the chair with working indicators. Ain’t that cool!

Design by Bel & Bel



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