Fashion made of leather car upholstery by Platinum Dirt

On this misty Monday I’m so glad to show you very stylish upcycle design made out of leather. Not new leather, otherwise it wouldn’t be about upcycling. No, I’m talking about old, discarded leather from car seats. Here on upcycleDZINE I’ve shown the beauty of old leather car seats and upholstery before. Just have a look at Fridgecouch by Adrian Johnson, a very original combination of a fridge and old leather car seats.

From car upholstery into conscious fashion

And know I came across fashion that is made out of used leather car upholstery found at junkyards. The creations are designed and handmade by a company called Platinum Dirt, founded by Dustin Page and based in Oakland | USA. It’s just incredible that this elegant and rich material is out there without being salvaged and upcycled by lots of other designers.

Dustin: “Platinum Dirt creates new leather products by upcycling reclaimed leather from automobiles, home furnishings and the like. We seek out these treasures in salvage yards… wherever the leather leads us (sometimes it finds its way to us). We turn this refuse into useful, fashionable products by refashioning the leather to make our line of products: VIN Jackets™, Shark Bags™, Visor and Sport clutches, PocketCuffs, wallets and more to come, providing an opportunity for you to support the slow fashion movement while adorning yourself with conscious fashion.”

I really think the look and feel of leather from an old car seat is unique. If you ever were looking for a stunning leather jacket with a very special history, well VIN [vehicle identification number] Jackets™ is it.
You should also take a look at the other original Platinum Dirt products like Shark Bags™, Piranha Cuffs.

Photos © Platinum Dirt

Design by Platinum Dirt



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