Skateboard Chair: Tablet furniture by Weder

Skateboard Chair: Tablet furniture by Weder – upcycleDZINE
You may have noticed by now, but i think that upcycle design that uses skateboards is so cool. I’m not a skateboarder, but I do like the tricks and the boards. Especially the graphics and even better the used ones with scratches and marks on them. Here are a few beautiful examples: Sitflip, Skate Guitar, Skatelamp and Art of Board.
That’s why whenever I see upcycle design with a great old and battered skateboard as source, I’ve got to know more about it. And that’s just what happened yesterday when I visited a design event here in The Netherlands called Design District.

Skateboard for using and charging a tablet

Here I came across a company called ‘Weder‘, meaning return/again/anew. In their exhibition stand they had this fantastic upcycled chair. The name of the design is simply ‘Skateboard Chair‘. The team from Weder had this great idea of upcycling a vintage chair into a piece of furniture not only to sit in, but also that one could use their tablet in a convenient way.
Skateboard Chair: Tablet furniture by Weder – upcycleDZINE
Skateboard Chair: Tablet furniture by Weder – upcycleDZINE
Photos © Weder

The chair is an original, re-upholstered chair from grandma’s time. The skateboard table has a groove in which a tablet can be placed with at the bottom a specially developed 3D printed charging connector [video]. For the engineering of this concept they worked with Connex Innovations. The people of Proson have taken the upholstery on their behalf.
The furniture label Weder was founded in 2010 based on the realization that many valuable raw materials are discarded, while the demand for it is increasing. The designers of Weder see the solution in a circular economy.
This is a first piece in new line of upcycle design furniture that makes use of skateboards.
Can’t wait to see more!

Design by Weder


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