Beaker-Wok Chandelier by T.O.M.T.™ – upcycleDZINE
Upcycling is becoming more and more popular. Finally! But there’s still a long way to go. It certainly hasn’t been adopted by the majority. That’s why blogs that promote upcycling, still have a lot of work to do. A very important task is to show that design can also be made from upcycling objects and materials. And that’s what upcycleDZINE is trying to do. You see what I mean by looking at all the amazing products that have been featured during the last 2 years. One of the upcycle designers I admire is Rodney Allen Trice, founder of T.O.M.T.™. His fantastic work has been featured here several times.

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Chandelier with industrial beauty

This time it’s another stunning piece of upcycle lighting design. This lamp is called ‘Beaker-Wok Chandelier‘ and is made out of old laboratory beaker and bottle holders which he had for such a long time, together with a discarded wok. “They at one time long ago held bathroom shelves. But they needed a reinvention and after contemplating the rusty wok with the beaker holders on my table… the sparks flew and magic happened. Here the drama of the chandelier comes from the industrial materials and the draping of the cords. The chrome top bulbs with sockets hanging just complete the flow and illuminate beautifully.”
Beaker-Wok Chandelier by T.O.M.T.™ – upcycleDZINE
Rodney founded T.O.M.T.™ in 1994 and is based in Brooklyn | New York. “The key to saving these forgotten objects is just keeping our eyes open and being open and ready to spot what we like to call ‘objects of desire’ – old appliances, tires, whatever!”
Beaker-Wok Chandelier by T.O.M.T.™ – upcycleDZINE
T.O.M.T.™ is dedicated to object recovery and reassignment on ‘God’s Green Earth’. “That’s why we’re here, and as we grow, it continues to be an interesting journey! Though recycling seems to be the obvious mission, we prefer the term ‘refitting‘. Our process is more ‘object career counseling’ than waste-handling. Simplicity is paramount, and integrity to both mid-century modern aesthetics and the original object’s first identity a must.”
Beaker-Wok Chandelier by T.O.M.T.™ – upcycleDZINE
Beaker-Wok Chandelier by T.O.M.T.™ – upcycleDZINE
On the website of T.O.M.T.™ it says that his awareness of our need to conserve the Earth’s resources has grown significantly since his endeavor began more then 12 years ago. As has his concern for a future where no one will be insulated from the need to make the most of the objects around us.
“I believe we all must do our part, think beyond just separating plastic, paper, glass,” says Rodney. “We must teach ourselves and learn as habit to see more than just a ‘rain shield’ in an umbrella, a ‘dust collector’ in a vacuum and a ‘shoe for our car’ in an old tire. When we do that, the Earth will become a safer place for the children of the 21st century and, from my experience, A LOT MORE FUN, TOO!”
Beaker-Wok Chandelier by T.O.M.T.™ – upcycleDZINE
Photos © T.O.M.T.™

Rodney: “refitting the planet for today, tomorrow and all the days to come!”
If you like this upcycle lighting design with its industrial beauty, you should definitely visit his site to see Rodney’s collection and check out his new stuff.

Design by T.O.M.T. | Etsy

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