SKATEBACK by MapleXO – upcycleDZINE
Although I don’t ride a skateboard I really like skateboards because of the colors, graphics and of course the great tricks you can do with them. That’s why I love the things people come up with to use/re-use boards or the waste generated by producing the boards. A nice example of the use of waste is ‘SkateBack’ by Grove.
SKATEBACK by MapleXO – upcycleDZINE
In a collaboration with MapleXO, the sustainable SkateBack for iPhone 5 or 4/4s is made of 100% post-industrial skateboard material. Crafted in their workshop, this recycled adhesive adornment protects the back of your phone and comes in three color schemes. No two are exactly alike!

Saving skateboards from landfills since 2005, Lindsay Holmes of MapleXO makes recycled skateboard jewelry and other rad upcycled accessories. Recycling the boards has been her way to give old boards new life and contribute to the community by reducing the environmental footprint of skateboarding.

Design and made by Grove + MapleXO


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