DIY: Birch Bark Lamps by Ruffled – upcycleDZINE
A few weeks ago I made a walk in a forest. The trees are still without there beautiful leaves, but there where a lot of different kinds of logs lying around. Probably due to pruning or cutting down trees. Last year I asked you if you had ever wondered what you could do with these logs, especially birch-logs? I wrote that in ‘DIY: Birch-Log Coffee Table by BHG‘. A fantastic looking, and I think fun to make, coffee table.

Lampshade made out of birch bark

And now I came across another DIY upcycle design that uses birch wood, in this case bark. Take a look at this incredible upcycle design lamp that shows the glory of nature.

DIY: Birch Bark Lamps by Ruffled – upcycleDZINE
The design is called ‘Birch Bark Lamp‘ and the DIY is by Ruffled. Ruffled is a blog founded in August 2008 by Amanda as a space to share vintage-inspired and handmade ideas for weddings. “Back then – which seems like ages ago – there was little or no resource on the style. Today the blog grew into one of the biggest resources for engaged couples seeking inspiration for their weddings, blending their unique personal styles into one heck of a gorgeous fete that go beyond the nostalgic love for vintage tidbits.”
The Birch Bark Lamp was created for a wedding. The wedding couple had seen this idea in Finland where they had hollowed-log lights and wanted those lamps for their wedding

DIY: Birch Bark Lamps by Ruffled – upcycleDZINE
Photos © Ellagraph Studios

Please visit Ruffled to have a go at I creating this DIY upcycle design lamp.

DIY by Ruffled | Photography by Ellagraph Studios



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