MilkSkirt lampshade by Gilbert de Rooij

Finally I’m able  to share another upcycle design I’ve made, called ‘MilkSkirt‘. Last time I showed the MilkShell lampshade made of parts I cut out of plastic milk cartons. This time it’s the same principle. The only difference is that the parts are connected in a different way.

A lampshade that dances in the air

Resulting in totally different design. The name of this design, MilkSkirt, came to me when I saw the lampshade hanging from the ceiling. It just looked like a summer skirt to me dancing in the air.

I wanted to use the bottle caps so the connections would be visible. Another visual aspect of this design is the handle that just looks like you can grab the lampshade.
Like I said the last time, stay tuned for more upcycle design made by me. Please take a look at the other photos at the ‘See more photos’ link.

Photos © Gilbert de Rooij

Design by Gilbert de Rooij |Buy it here



  1. 🙂 !
    And the top jugs are blowing into the bottom jugs, like they are a musical instrument . . . or maybe they are giving each other CPR!

  2. Wild and wonderful! You have turned garbage into an object of eerie beauty! Is it just me, or do you see faces in handle section of these milk jugs now that they are turned upside down? They have a look of the Easter Island statues, with the heavy brow and long, stately nose of the handle . . . This looks like some sort of modern/primitive item of deity worship!
    Great stuff!

    • Ha ha, I didn’t see those faces until you mentioned them. I can’t help myself seeing those handles in another way now 🙂
      Thans again for your positive comment!


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