Upcycled plane engine cover impresses as a stunning chair

A few years ago upcycleDZINE published a post about an incredibly luxurious, spacious and futuristic looking chair. It is called 737 Cowling Chair and is created from a plane engine cowling of a Boeing 737. The cowling is the removable covering of a vehicle’s engine. On planes, cowlings are used to reduce drag and to cool the plane engine.

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BAe 146 cowling chair by Plane Industries | upcycleDZINE

And today I’m very happy to show you yet another fantastic and unique chair by Plane Industries. This chair is an upcycled engine cowling of a BAe 146 jet aircraft. This impressive chair spins weightlessly on its highly polished aluminum base, just like it’s big brother. The high gloss shell and dark Alcantara interior are kept together by a mirror-polished frame. The BAe 146 cowling chair has the following dimensions: 1398 mm x 1240 mm x 1124 mm [HxWxD].

Plane engine cover provides unique furniture

Not many people take notice of what happens to a discarded aircraft. Maybe you’ve seen articles or a documentary about aircraft ‘graveyards‘. That’s what these places are called. It’s one giant parking lot for decommissioned aircraft. There are a few of those places around the world. It’s so impressive and unrealistic to see all those airplanes standing there. And when you look at all those planes, you wonder what will happen to all this waste. Many of those planes have been there for decades.

BAe 146 cowling chair in living room by Plane Industries | upcycleDZINE
BAe 146 cowling chair by Plane Industries | upcycleDZINE

It’s great to see that there are quite a few upcycle designers who see possibilities in all this metal and other materials and objects. In the world of upcycled objects, there are some very creative people who use aircraft parts to create an astonishing design. Just have a look at the designs by AERO-1946, MotoArt and Redesign. All of them are very skilled in upcycling and create stunning upcycle design made out of aircraft parts.

Aircraft parts with a rich history

The idea to make this unique chair comes from Plane Industries. A furniture design company based in Bath | United Kingdom. The company uses reclaimed, authentic aircraft parts, from aircraft with a rich history. Plane Industries is proud to explore the most innovative ways to breathe new life into these remarkable technical highlights to design and create unique pieces of aviation furniture, goods and airplane art.

Plane Industries:

“Imagination, old fashioned workmanship, and modern making are our tools to make and build the audacious, quirky and unique. We build to last, and hope that these pieces will be passed down to the generations to come.”

Close up of BAe 146 cowling chair by Plane Industries | upcycleDZINE

New life and new purpose

Plane Industries is founded by two brothers, Ben and Harry Tucker, with a shared love of breaking and then making. The love to give new life and new purpose to old materials and old objects. They are fascinated by these aircraft materials and do everything they can to pay tribute to them through their designs. “These metals and fabrics have history, provenance and a story attached to them that is linked to the heritage and beauty of flight.”

Photos © Plane Industries

Design by Plane Industries

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