It’s easy to be creative when using pallets. You just need to have one good idea, a few old pallets, and a good sander. After that, the rest is up to your imagination.

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7 creative uses of pallets | upcycleDZINE

We live during odd times. Twenty years ago, no one would have thought that pallets could be a trend in design. Yet, here we are. Over the recent years, pallets found their way into our houses. And not by fulfilling their regular functions. These days, pallets are widely used in interior design for multiple purposes, from decor to furniture replacement. It’s been an unexpected turn of events. Though, thinking about it, the whole thing does make sense. After all, the reuse of pallets for creative purposes is cheap, environmentally friendly, and original. These are all the things that are highly valued by the current generation. So, let’s see the seven creative uses for pallets that you, too, can try at home.

1.   Platform bed

Platform beds from pallets are a very popular thing at the moment. There is no surprise about it. Those things are cheap and super easy to make at home. You just need to find or buy a few clean pallets and place them on each other. Put a mattress over it, and you have a bed. It goes perfectly with a minimalistic room design. Also, you can even store some of your items, like books or journals, in the pallet holes underneath the bed. Just don’t forget you put your textbooks there, or you’ll end up reading a paperhelp review a few hours before the deadline.

2.   Vertical garden

Wooden pallets can actually be really good plant pots. You just need to pick the right pallet and hang it on the wall. That’s it. When choosing a pallet, check out the wood treatment. For example, if you find the Methyl Bromide (MB) mark on the pallet, don’t use it. Methyl Bromide is a toxic chemical that can leak into the ground after multiple plant watering. This chemical is dangerous for your health, so you should be careful. As for the rest of it, you can simply put a good soil mix in between the pallets and hang it vertically on the wall. Such a gardening construction is perfect for growing herbs and other small plants.

3.   Garden swings

Pallets can become perfect garden swings. They are light, reliable, and easy to work with. Basically, all you need is a good tree branch, a cushion, and some chains or tight ropes. In addition, you can paint the pallets over to add some style to it. Yet, you can even leave that rustic look for everyone to see. It all depends on your backyard appearance and taste. Of course, with this task, you’ll need to do some work. You can make one-piece or two-piece swings here. For the latter, you’ll need to measure your pallets to find the perfect sizes. Also, calculate the right slope for the comfortable back support. Some hammer skills will be required if you want to bring these two pieces together. Overall, there are numerous tutorials out there to help you decide on the building and hanging method.

4.   Wall art

Another interesting pallet used is to hang it as wall decor. Of course, before doing so, you better paint over it. Thus, you can use a pallet as a clean canvas. Find the artistic inspiration that will fit in with your overall home decor. Find artists who can paint your idea for you or do it yourself. The rest is simple. You just need to find a perfect pallet. Perhaps, sand it to improve the painting surface and prevent any splinters in the process. Next, choose paint for woodwork and go ahead. Such a pallet can become a central piece in any decor setting.

5.    Pallet sofa

Making a backyard sofa is yet another great creative idea for pallets. It’s super easy and fast to make. As always, proper pallets, clean, sand, and paint them. Use several screws to bind the two pallets together. In addition, choose a sofa cushion for a more comfortable sitting. Put a sofa in your backyard, terrace, or front porch. It will probably become one of your favorite places to read books, do homework.

6.   Portable coffee table

This is one of the easiest pallet tricks you can make at home. All you need is an old pallet and four casters (wheels). Now, you just need to take care of that pallet’s appearance. First, sand it and paint the pallet in any color you want. Next, drill holes in each corner of the pallet and attach casters to it. Your table is done! It’s a super easy and very convenient coffee table, especially for your backyard. You can move it around easily and clean it without a problem. Moreover, you can also use it as a picnic table as its height is perfect for such a purpose.

7.   Coat rack

Last but not least, you can always make a coat rack out of a small pallet piece. Just leave the top part of the pallet, and screw in several coat hooks along with the wood. It’s super easy yet creative and rather cute. You can also take it off the wall easily when the cold season is over.

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