Aircraft Exit Door table in living room by Plane Industries | upcycleDZINE

In this post, upcycleDZINE shows another upcycle design made out of an aircraft part. And again, like with most aircraft parts, you’ve never imagined seeing it in a living room or office.

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Emergency exit

An aircraft exit door is designed as a means to quickly evacuate passengers in case of an emergency. When it is necessary to use it, the doors are opened by pulling on handles that are found at both sides of the door, which then slide open. The door is held in place by its latches and the pressure difference between the plane‘s cabin and the air outside it.

Bottom aircraft exit door table by Plane Industries | upcycleDZINE

Many airlines have been using this design since the beginning of commercial airline services in the 1930s. The airplane emergency exit door is a big, heavy piece of metal that opens outward. It’s made to be strong and durable so that it can withstand impact during an emergency landing. In an emergency, the doors are designed to quickly open in case of a crash landing.

Stunning exit door table

If there’s one creative company that understands what and how to upcycle discarded items into fantastic upcycle pieces, well it must be Plane industries. After creating incredibly impressive chairs, also featured here on upcycleDZINE, they have shown again what upcycling is all about. Plane Industries has its workshop in Bath, UK. They are a British furniture brand that focuses on authentic aircraft parts. This time they’ve created a unique table showing a new and exciting design statement with a modernistic take on an old classic.

“We pride ourselves on finding the most innovative ways to breathe new life into retired aircraft parts to create beautiful aviation furniture for the home or office.”

Polished top detail aircraft exit door table by Plane Industries | upcycleDZINE

Hand crafted wooden frame with aluminium and glass

Once serving as the emergency exit door for an Airbus A320, the aluminum exterior has been polished to a mirror finish and features toughened glass.

The frame and legs have been handcrafted out of solid, sustainable black American walnut to form beautiful curves that follow the lines of the original engineering of the door. The underbelly chassis has been powder-coated with a dash of vibrancy.

Aircraft Exit Door inside frame by Plane Industries | upcycleDZINE

They offer three different metal finishing options: a perfect mirror-polish, a rustic mirror-polish, and a unique matt finish. They carefully polish each individual rivet to preserve its elevation and detail with every step, maintaining the beauty of the original features.
The exit door table is designed, built, and finished by Plane Industries, in their workshop in Bath, UK.

Polished top aircraft exit door table by Plane Industries | upcycleDZINE

About Plane Industries

Plane Industries is founded in 2013 by two brothers. They have a shared love of, as they say themselves, breaking and then making: “New life and new purpose are given to old materials and old objects. Our materials fascinate us and we do everything we can to pay tribute to them through our designs. Each piece of aviation furniture we make has a unique history, provenance and a story attached that is linked to the heritage and beauty of flight.”

Aircraft Exit Door table by Plane Industries | upcycleDZINE
Photos © Plane Industries

If you got curious about what else they make, you should visit their website. There you’ll find an impressive product line that includes everything from Fuselage Wall Art and Clocks, Gifts for Pilots, Wheel Coffee Tables to Aviator Chairs and Aviation Desks.

Design by Plane Industries

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