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This weekend I’ve been reading a book. Must admit, it has been some time since I did pick up a book. Not a digital one, but a real paper one. One that you can use without a battery, one that smells and is printed!
There’s nothing that can replace a real book. It has a certain charm when you just look at books. But once you’ve read a book, most of the time it ends up on a shelf or in a box. And later on it gets thrown away.
To keep those beautiful books ‘alive’ some designers upcycle them into a ‘Stacked Books Table Lamp‘, a BookHook or Hardback Book Lamp.

A phone dock that inspires to read

If you’re looking for something completely different, than this is maybe your thing. A standard phone dock is very dull and a book, as said before, is interesting and has a certain charm. So what about if you could combine those two into a great and simple upcycle design?
Look no further, here’s ‘booksi‘ by Rich Neeley Designs. This charger is a fantastic looking and unique dock for your smartphone, made out of a vintage hardcover book. The iPhone rests perfectly on a 30-pin dock connector. There’s an USB charging cable included for use with a wall adapter. The cable is conveniently and securely put in the back of the book so you will not see it.

Photos © Rich Neeley Designs

Rich Neeley Designs is an Etsy store founded by Rich Neeley and his wife Brenna in Cerritos, CA | United States. “Instead of letting used books go quietly, we’ve resolved to re-use them. We rescue discarded books from landfill death, or from their dreary existence on a bookshelf. Our goal is to bring more books into your life, so when you see your booksi you are reminded of how wonderful a book can be. Maybe you’ll be inspired to read that classic you’ve been meaning to for so long.”
They find vintage books, that have no significant antiquarian value, in libraries, garage sales, street vendors, thrift stores, used book stores, garages, closets, or even in boxes on the curb.
I really do like booksi. Not only the way you can recharge your iPhone in a very stylish way, but also because you keep a book showing it’s charme and maybe inspires someone to go out and buy a copy.

Design by Rich Neeley Designs



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