BOW BINS: unique sustainable touch by Gompf + Kehrer – upcycleDZINE
Remember I said that upcycle design is all about giving an object a new function? Well I think that’s still true. But I think today’s featured design is unique and environmentally friendly enough to be shown on upcycleDZINE. Although the object isn’t getting a totally different function. It’s certainly about preventing waste going to waste. In some cases it’s about getting a slightly newer function like for instance a bucket turned into a waste bin. But in other cases it’s about an object keeping it’s former function. In those instances it’s waste prevented from going to waste and finally it’s ending up to collect waste. That’s a nice waste circle!

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Bins showing beautiful contrast

This upcycle design collection is called ‘BOW BINS. The design is by Gompf + Kehrer, a German brand founded by two designers, Verena Stella Gompf and Cordial Kehrer, based in Karlsruhe. With their work they want to express a commitment to material and craftsmanship. And seeing this collection it’s obvious that they succeeded.
BOW BINS: unique sustainable touch by Gompf + Kehrer – upcycleDZINE
BOW BINS: unique sustainable touch by Gompf + Kehrer – upcycleDZINE
They took discarded plastic containers such as buckets and wastebaskets and repaired [upcycled] them. This is done by using well chosen craftsmanship in certain places. And thereby creating a new and unique line of bins. The most striking aspect about Bow Bins is the beautiful contrast it shows in both color and material.
BOW BINS: unique sustainable touch by Gompf + Kehrer – upcycleDZINE
BOW BINS: unique sustainable touch by Gompf + Kehrer – upcycleDZINE
Gompf + Kehrer:

“Two worlds collide in this mash up of traditional crafts and industrial mass-produced goods. Muted earth tones and bright colours. Cool, smooth surfaces and warm natural texture. These extremes attract and reconcile, despite their differences. Handmade in Poland and Romania, where centuries-old crafts are still maintained. Plastic containers are worked through with local materials such as willow and rush.”

BOW BINS: unique sustainable touch by Gompf + Kehrer – upcycleDZINE
Photos © Gompf + Kehrer

The two designers have a natural curiosity and great diligence for experimentation. This encourages their motivation and inspiration. The Bow Bins collection by Gompf + Kehrer demonstrates that exceptional design begins with a harmonious interplay of design, materials and handcraft. This again results in hand made home accessories, each with their own character and story.
And that’s why I wanted Bow Bins, it being upcycle design, to be shown on upcycleDZINE.

Design by Gompf + Kehrer

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