I’m a big fan of upcycle design lighting. Sometimes the designs are exuberant and other times they are quit minimalistic. One time I heard that to make an upcycle lamp, you would just have to put a bulb in or on it. Maybe that’s true, it shouldn’t always be difficult. Especially when the item that’s going to be upcycled has so much character of its own.
Well having said that, have a look at these Fire Extinguisher Lamps designed by ReUpCycled. They took these stunning looking vintage objects and ‘just’ put a bulb on it. Nothing to fancy, that would otherwise distract from the beautiful timeless piece.

Make a statement with a Fire Extinguisher lamp

These three old fire extinguishers are all from a different period. The first one is the Redlam, made by Mercers of Blackburn in 1960. The second one is the Waterloo, made in 1965 by Read and Campbell. And the third one is the Foamite Limited fire extinguisher made in 1935.

Photos © ReUpCycled

At ReUpCycled they want to make a statement with their upcycled lamps that’s as individual as you are. ” In an age where trends come and go, it’s reassuring to know that some things do outlast their purpose, even taking on a special beauty with age. At ReUpCycled, we make it our mission to seek them out and give them a new lease of life. We love the original detailing and every mark that helps to tell the story of its long service. Finished with brass fittings and a simple shade, this stunning lamp is a piece of living, working history for your home.”

Design by ReUpCycled



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