SCRAP WOOD LAMP by reCreate Design Company – upcycleDZINE
Wood is a great material. It has lots of character and it’s natural and friendly. Many upcycle designers use wood for furniture. But only a few designers use scrap wood to turn it into impressive upcycle design lighting or furniture pieces.
Please take a look at the Chaos Chandelier by Pepe heykoop and Wingin’ It by BRC Designs. Two amazing designs that use all these wooden leftovers. During the Dutch Design Week 2014 I was fortunate enough to stand underneath the Chaos Chandelier. And that was a pretty amazing experience seeing all those little pieces of wood, joined together forming a chandelier.

Playful and compelling scrap wood construction

upcycleDZINE is very happy to be able to feature another stunning upcycle design chandelier. The design is called Scrap Wood Lamp and is created by reCreate Design Company. A creative studio founded by Mike and Micki and based in Gothenburg | Sweden. The two women focus on one very important thing and that’s ‘extending the lifespan of existing materials’.
SCRAP WOOD LAMP by reCreate Design Company – upcycleDZINE
SCRAP WOOD LAMP by reCreate Design Company – upcycleDZINE
They took reclaimed wood and created a playful and compelling chandelier. The design looks like chaos but is constructed following a plan. What I like most about these kind of wooden lamps is that when the light is turned on it produces a nice and warm glow insight the design.
SCRAP WOOD LAMP by reCreate Design Company – upcycleDZINE
reCreate Design Company:

“How we go about that is as diverse as the very materials that we salvage, rescue, and redesign. Whether we’re installing our signature style of reused and repurposed interior design in an office environment, or we’re finding new users for furniture inventory that is no longer needed by companies, we’re contributing to a sustainable profile and lifestyle for our clients, our community, and ourselves.”

SCRAP WOOD LAMP by reCreate Design Company – upcycleDZINE
Photos © reCreate Design Company

Maybe you’re inspired to create your own upcycle design lamp, but wonder where to get scrap wood. Well just start looking for abandoned junk, dumpsters or a carpenter near you. You’ll be amazed what you can find.

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