Scorptoise: Glowing robot lamp by IScourUScore

Scorptoise: Glowing robot lamp by IScourUScore – upcycleDZINE
On my Facebook page Jay Lana, from IScourUScore left a comment on one of my posts. I like it when people leave a comment. So naturally I visited his page and saw these fun and amazing looking upcycle designs. And when I saw the ‘Scorptoise‘ I had to smile. What a cute and fun design it is. Just looking at it made me think about how kids would love this [and me too]. And than I saw the photo with the glowing eyes, what a marvelous touch that is. Because of those glowing eyes, it’s just like the lamp is alive.

Scorptoise: Glowing robot lamp by IScourUScore – upcycleDZINE

Upcycle robot conveived by a 14 year old

On his website Jay has the following to say: “Meet ‘Scorptoise’, (My kids think it resembles something between a Scorpion and a Tortoise), this guy was conceived by my 14 year old son, I assisted him with the wiring and some design input, but the most part of the design is his.” Isn’t that great? That must also be the reason why this design appeals to kids. I can see it standing on a little bedside table or on a desk. The lamp is assembled from scratch, all parts were cleaned individually without altering the patina where existing.

Scorptoise: Glowing robot lamp by IScourUScore – upcycleDZINE
Photo © IScourUScore

Scorptoise is built from using a variety of parts, including a vintage water spigot, upcycled iron and steel piping and fittings, a steel electrical box, a couple of 125v LEDS, two marbles and some bits and bobs to complete the assembly. “Since I was a little kid, I have enjoyed taking stuff apart and building something else out of it, gathering rusty junk is one of my passions too. The parts used in my creations come from different sources such as, garage sales, recycle centers, flea markets and more.”
It’s amazing to see how many people around the world are designing upcycle lighting from industrial and technical objects and materials. Upcycle design is becoming bigger and bigger, spread the word!

Design by IScourUScore



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