50 Jar Chandelier by Conant Metal & Light

On the web it’s very easy to find upcycle lighting design that makes use of old jars. You’ll find designs with one jar and up to 10 jars. But I’ve never seen a lighting design that uses 50 jars.
That is, until now. This ‘Custom 50 Jar Chandelier‘ is a design by Conant Metal & Light, based in Burlington, Vermont | United States.

Impressive jar chandelier echoes water

This large statement chandelier made of inverted canning jars was part of a lighting program for a new home. “Our client loves the way the blue glass echoes the water just outside the windows, so our team of pickers set out to find 50 tinted half-gallon canning jars to create the radial display.”
The design makes use of LED lighting. If bulbs were used they would have been visible through the jars, so Conant found a way to mask the bulbs. “Our solution was to use a tinted 5-gallon water jug as the central diffuser – we frosted the jug to obscure the LED bulbs and added a great repurposed element to the design.”

Photos © Conant Metal & Light

Conant Metal & Light has been designing, manufacturing, and selling lighting in Vermont since 1979. Conant Metal & Light [Fb] is a company that moved away from the commodities market to focus on unique and artful design, products that are functional works of art. Today they continue to provide design, fabrication, restoration, and contract manufacturing services to a wide array of markets. “While we still produce a broad range of custom products, repurposed lighting, repurposed furniture, and everything industrial has become our primary focus.”
They’ve been featured before on upcycleDZINE with the Ice Block Pendant. Another impressive piece of upcycle design.

Design by Conant Metal & Light



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