Fairground Ride Handles Coat Rack by The Rag and Bone Man – upcycleDZINE
Here at upcycleDZINE, I’m always searching for new, unique or outstanding upcycle design pieces. Always trying to find a design using an upcycled product or material that hasn’t yet been featured on this blog. Sometimes I encounter an object that uses the same product but it’s upcycled in a completely different way. Just look at all these upcycled books.
But today it’s time for upcycle design made out of a stunning object that hasn’t been featured yet here on upcycleDZINE.

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Fairground ride handles become a part of your interior.

The creation is a coat rack/wall hooks. Okay, coat racks have already been shown on this blog, but they were all very different. And this time is no exception.
The design is by The Rag and Bone Man, founded by Paul Firbank together with Lizzie Gossling at Tent London 2011 as part of London Design Festival and based in London.
Fairground Ride Handles Coat Rack by The Rag and Bone Man – upcycleDZINE
For this upcycle design he used vintage aluminum fairground ride handles and stripped, polished, and re-crafted them into characterful wall hooks. The beautiful handles were then fitted to a high polished copper backplate.
Parts of this product have no lacquered finish, so with time, the process of oxidization will occur forming a patina. In a way, it’s a sort of living finish. You have the choice to polish the product with a soft cloth or to allow the patina to develop and tarnish as part of the aging process. This coat rack has the following dimensions: length 65cm, height 11cm, depth 10cm.
Fairground Ride Handles Coat Rack by The Rag and Bone Man – upcycleDZINE
Paul Firbank

“Each product is meticulously archived, which adds to the sense of ownership with each item baring its own individual tag including a unique hand stamped serial number with completion date.”

Paul Firbank is a designer who uses his crafts to transform discarded vehicle parts, vintage machinery, and modern scrap otherwise destined for the melting pot, into timeless lighting and furniture. He collects his materials and objects by sorting and shifting through London’s scrap yards, railway arch grease shops, and thrift markets. In order to upcycle an object he restores, welds, turns, strips, brushes, polishes, and varnishes it so it can get a new life. Just like these fairground ride handles that got an entirely new function and now can become part of your interior so you can hold onto that fairground feel.
Fairground Ride Handles Coat Rack by The Rag and Bone Man – upcycleDZINE
Photos © The Rag and Bone Man

If this kind of upcycle design is something that appeals to you, well you should definitely visit The Rag and Bone Man website. You’ll be impressed by all the unique upcycle design products.

Design by The Rag and Bone Man | Facebook

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