ROUGH: pine wood slats lamp by COMPEIXALAIGUA – upcycleDZINE
Upcycle design is of course about giving a completely new function to discarded objects and/or materials. It’s about giving waste a second life. But it’s not always waste or discarded stuff. It’s also about objects that are just laying around collecting dust. Sometimes the best objects are just right in front of you without noticing. I mean it’s not always necessary to go out and search for the right object. It might be in a corner in your house or at work. That’s the case with the design your are seeing here.

Slats hoisted in mid-air

The name of the design is ‘Rough‘ and is created by designstudio COMPEIXALAIGUA. This creative unit is based in Barcelona | Spain. Their working desk was in need of lighting so they started to look for a way to solve it. And while thinking about it they stumbled upon a forgotten pack of pine wood slats standing in a corner. These slats inspired them to create a minimal lamp design. The slats are almost untouched, just a few visible alterations. Only a straight cutout for the light and a small nice on/off switch. Rough is entirely handmade in Barcelona.

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ROUGH: pine wood slats lamp by COMPEIXALAIGUA – upcycleDZINE
ROUGH: pine wood slats lamp by COMPEIXALAIGUA – upcycleDZINE
The wooden part of the lamp isn’t the only thing that I really like. The system to hang Rough from the ceiling also triggers me. The original webbings that surrounded the strips became adjustable straps. Using these makes it therefore possible to have control of its height.
The Rough lamp is available at Oli13. A company that’s all about high-end environmentally-friendly shoemaking and a passion for art and design.

ROUGH: pine wood slats lamp by COMPEIXALAIGUA – upcycleDZINE

“Juan Luis from Oli13 came to our studio for a meeting and found it lighting up our desk while having our plastic troops having a battle on it (USA vs URSS). That’s how Rough was born, a pine wood suspension light using cargo webbings to hold it while allowing to adjust the light’s height. Rough lamp is presented absolutely sincere, it shows off its woodgrain, marks, knots and resin spots. As honest as the story we’re telling about it.”

ROUGH: pine wood slats lamp by COMPEIXALAIGUA – upcycleDZINE

This unique, honest and simple looking upcycle design lamp reminds me of the time, long ago, that I was an intern at a construction company. Every working day I started at 7 am. at a construction site. And very often we had to unload trucks with big wooden beams. A pile of beams would have webbings at each side to hoist it by crane. And that’s what this fantastic lamp design looks like to me. A pile of beams hoisted in mid-air.

Design by COMPEIXALAIGUA | Commissioned by OLI13


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