Eking It Out: table legs furniture by Rupert Herring – upcycleDZINE
There are different ways one can create upcycle design. By using a discarded material and giving it a completely new and different function. Or for instance by converting a vintage object into a new design object. And thereby honoring that old object’s history. Or one can upcycle waste, like milk containers, into lampshades. But there’s also a way to create upcycle design by using scrap or leftovers. By doing it this way the designer can give the used parts a function that’s related to the original object but in a completely different way. A nice example of what I mean is a table collection by Oppewal. The surface of these tables is one great melting pot of different kinds of wood pieces. Furniture wood waste form the workshop that otherwise would end up in a fireplace. These tables are just amazing.

Table legs show the beauty within

Another fantastic example of this kind of upcycle design is a coffee table called ‘Eking It Out‘. This handmade creation is by designer Rupert Herring who studied Design and visual art, contemporary craft at UNITEC Institute of Technology in Auckland | New Zealand. This unique piece of furniture is a conglomeration of table legs and balustrades made out of a large variety of timbers. Dimensions: 60 cm high, 65 cm long, 60 cm wide.

Eking It Out: table legs furniture by Rupert Herring – upcycleDZINE
Eking It Out: table legs furniture by Rupert Herring – upcycleDZINE
Rupert Herring:

“In a sense it is recycled twice, all the pieces are off cuts from other projects, which were also created from recycled material. As with my other work in the series, this is an investigation of material and what lies beneath it’s surface, finding a beauty within. It’s about minimising waste, making do with what you have and to a certain extent allowing the material to govern the form.”

We consume and consume and always want something new without thinking about the impact on our beautiful planet. That’s why Rupert’s work is all about re-using and upcycling what is already out there.

Eking It Out: table legs furniture by Rupert Herring – upcycleDZINE

“I utilise my skills and experience as a cabinet maker to make something new from something old. These novel and aesthetically pleasing objects are generated from wood off-cuts and waste. I see these cast-offs in a new light, and try to extend its life, which might mean re-purposing it. In a world of choice, the limitation of using what is cheap, readily available & sustainable is liberating. Finding use where it is not necessarily obvious. The works are also nostalgic visions in a world of throwaway excess and economic efficiency gone awry.”

Eking It Out: table legs furniture by Rupert Herring – upcycleDZINE
Photos © theclever

Eking It Out is a creation that’s part of an amazing collection of table legs furniture design. It shows once again how impressive, inspiring and sustainable design can be when using discarded objects.

Design by Rupert Herring | Found on theclever



  1. You have a talent i wish i hade im 57 and now just getting started with working with wood my brother is a graphic designer and my grandfather was a old furniture maker from the 60s im building a shop to hop to pas to my son som day thank you for your work truly inspiration it opens the mind to ?????

    • Hi Dan, sorry for my late reply. Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes Rupert Hering is very creative and unique. But I guess you also must have some creative blood flowing?! Great that you’re building a shop. Really hope it all works out. And… you’re never to old to learn and to start something new 🙂


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