Today I want to focus on a waste stream that’s going bigger and bigger. Of course, there’s an enormous plastic waste problem. But there’s another waste problem with a different source. I’m talking about all our electronic devices, that after being used for several years, are thrown away. I sincerely hope that if you’ve got a broken down electric kitchen utensil, radio or hairdryer, you throw it away at a specially designated collection point.

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The upside of this electronic waste or e-waste is that designers and artists find ways to be creative and upcycle e-waste into e-art. One of those creative people is Vishwanath Davangere Mallabadi, based in Bangalore, India.

E-waste upcycled into amazing e-art dear by Vishwanath | upcycleDZINE

Eco-minded artist

One may not see value in discarded e-waste, but luckily there are people who visualize this waste as interesting art. Vishwanath is an eco-minded artist and upcycles e-waste into unique creations. He uses tech devices, old computer parts, discarded mobile phones, keyboards, etc. as the basic ingredients for it his artwork.

E-waste upcycled into amazing e-art dolphin by Vishwanath | upcycleDZINE
E-waste upcycled into amazing e-art dolphin clos-up by Vishwanath | upcycleDZINE

Merge creativity and technology

He’s a passionate designer, who wants to express his ideas using e-waste as a medium. He loves seeing e-scrap being transformed into beautiful art. The effort requires a lot of patience, determination, and love. His basic idea is to merge creativity and technology. He mainly works on creating recognizable creatures by assembling bits and pieces. These incredible art sculptures are made entirely from discarded electronic waste. He sees beauty in things lots of other people throw away. In addition, it feels to him like a kind of intimate relationship between artist and e-waste. This involvement and relationship is manifested in his art.

E-waste upcycled into amazing e-art butterfly by Vishwanath | upcycleDZINE
E-waste upcycled into amazing e-art insect by Vishwanath | upcycleDZINE


“Let the world see and enjoy. Art should appeal to common man & as a designer Art should be accessible to common man too.”

Why e-art?

One of the biggest and most common threats to our environment is the enormous amount of e-Waste. This is almost a quarter of the total waste produced around the world.

“Art created using electronic waste helps in healthy living and gives Mother Nature a sigh of breath. All art creations are made using old recycled junk, discarded electronic products and it also has captivating looks. It would definitely appeal to environmentalists. These creations are the perfect way to decorate a house and add value to the ambiance.”

E-waste upcycled into amazing e-art green sculpture by Vishwanath | upcycleDZINE
E-waste upcycled into amazing e-art skyscrapers by Vishwanath | upcycleDZINE

It’s not only sculptures that are created. No, he also creates other cool eco-friendly things using e-waste like geeky jewelry, Wall Arts, Yantra’s, Creatures and other usable products.

Raise awareness about electronic waste

This upcycle collection shows how imagination can transform scrap, discarded & recycle electronics into wonderful Art. My intention is to raise awareness about electronic waste and bring the emotional connection between people and high technology devices. All art is made out of reclaimed IC’s, capacitors, resistances, crystal diodes, printed circuit boards, connector pins, and other parts that capture the beauty of the forms, patterns, and colors.

E-waste upcycled into amazing e-art VanGogh by Vishwanath | upcycleDZINE
Photos © Vishwanath Davangere Mallabadi

Creativity has no limits!

Art and technology – a fusion! An unseen inner beauty of obsolete electronic waste uncovered and transformed into wearable art. An ideal example of how everyday waste can be turned into beautiful and seductive design and art.

Design by Vishwanath Davangere Mallabadi | Facebook

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