Leather Rug
I said it before and I’ll say it again. It’s such a fantastic and inspiring journey searching for those beautiful and stunning upcycle design pieces. Every time it shows what can be done with objects and materials that were destined for landfill.

Leather Rug

Just look at this fantastic rug. Who would have thought of making such a design. Well this rug is called ‘Hunter leather Rug‘ and is designed by Joanne Crocker. She designed a patchwork rug using reclaimed leather labels. How cool is that! One label is okay, but all those labels together form a stunning graphic palette.

Leather Rug
Photo © Trash Garden

Joanne Crocker has her own upcycle design collection, ‘Trash Garden’, which gets made in India. And she runs the online shop Upcycle Studio with “people who are as passionate about good design as they are about our planet”.
Personally I think Upcycle Studio is a great initiative. I hope that over time this will grow into the place to be for buying upcycle design!

Design by Joanne Crocker | Trash Garden



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