Lighting turned upside down by Ton van der Veer

Lighting turned upside down by Ton van der Veer – upcycleDZINE
Sometimes one has to look at things in a different way. Just to get inspired or to see why things are the way they are. For instance, if you want to change the layout of your living room. By turning furniture, moving it left to right and right to left can give you ideas that you otherwise wouldn’t have thought of. Turning fabric inside out can result in a different use of the fabric. Or like this German painter Georg Baselitz that makes upside down paintings.
These are just a few examples to show you that looking at things in a different way is far more interesting than many people think it is. That’s also one of the most important things to do when you want to upcycle an object or material. The world you live in gets far more value if you try to look at this world from time to time in another way. Take a different, a 180 degrees, approach.

Upside down is so interesting

This intro is of course about the upcycle lighting design you’re seeing here. Looking at things upside down. That’s what artist and stylist Ton van der Veer, with over 20 years experience in Europe and New Zealand, did ‘down under’. To be more specific in a Mac’s Brewbar named ‘Northern Steamship Co..’ in Auckland | New Zealand.

Lighting turned upside down by Ton van der Veer – upcycleDZINE
A hundred and thirty years ago it was the HQ of the Northern Steamship Company of New Zealand. The bar opened in 2006, has a basic interior of wood floors, exposed walls and concrete. Today, beautifully restored with plenty of preserved historic details and fantastic giant windows, it’s one of Auckland’s finest heritage buildings. This is the creation of achitects Jasmax and creative agency Shine Limited.

Lighting turned upside down by Ton van der Veer – upcycleDZINE
But what to do with that boring high ceiling? Well thankfully Ton came up with a great idea of turning lamps upside down. Vintage lamps where used to create the right creative atmosphere. A colorful motley collection of floor lamps became ceiling lamps and lampshades became pendant lamps giving the interior a nice depth and unique character.

Lighting turned upside down by Ton van der Veer – upcycleDZINE
Photos © Northern Steamship Co. Brewbar

Every time I see an old preserved and restored building I’m so happy it wasn’t torn down. I just love the details, the character and history. Thankfully more and more decision makers see the value of restoring these buildings instead of building a complete new anonymous one.
Too bad we don’t have high ceilings in our house otherwise I would create a nice spot for a few lamps turned upside down.

Design by Ton van der Veer | Project by Jasmax  and Shine Limited



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