Milk Glass Pendant Lamp by Ruig & Geroest – upcycleDZINE
Maybe you’re new to upcycle design and would like to know what the benefits are compared to contemporary design. Well there’re several, such as the environmental benefit because of less waste. Also it makes people more conscious of what they normally throw away and could get a new function. Upcycle design always has a history, a story to be told. In many cases it’s a unique piece of design. And a benefit I really like is the fact that upcycle design often uses an object that’s almost forgotten or unfamiliar. And all these benefits make upcycle design so inspiring, intriguing and certainly interesting.

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Glass pendant lamp part of honest design collection

Some time ago upcycleDZINE got an email from a creative company who introduced themselves and create products that fit the description above. The upcycle design company Ruig & Geroest [Translated: Rough & Rusted] is Dutch and founded in 2016 by two young guys, Sebastiaan van Dulken and Tim Tasseron, based in Amersfoort | the Netherlands.
They have a furniture and lighting collection showing some products that find their origin on a farm. The companies name refers to the collection that’s characterized by a rough and rusted look and feel. They use some discarded and unique objects and turn them into functional and honest upcycle design objects.
Milk Glass Pendant Lamp by Ruig & Geroest – upcycleDZINE
One of these objects is certainly not rugged, it’s even looks breakable. It’s a unique Milk Glass Pendant Lamp made out of a glass container used for collecting freshly milked milk. The wooden cap gives an additional rural character and is tailored providing a precise fit. The red cord gives the lamp a modern touch.
The friendship between Sebastiaan and Tim was created by a shared passion for tinkering with scooters. They explored a path from scooters to motorcycles to engines and now furniture and lighting. In 2016, twelve years later, they have added several projects to their credit. Combining their ideas and passion, let them to start Ruig & Geroest.
Milk Glass Pendant Lamp by Ruig & Geroest – upcycleDZINE
Ruig & Geroest:

“The philosophy of upcycling has derived from our efforts to deal with the environment as consciously as possible. Unfortunately, we still find a lot of products in the bin that could have a whole life ahead of them. These products, we try to give a nice second life.”

Milk Glass Pendant Lamp by Ruig & Geroest – upcycleDZINE
Before they started their company they contributed in their own way to a better environment. Think of solar panels, eat less meat, buy used stuff, home insulation and a rain barrel for the vegetable garden. They also wanted to fulfil their ideals on a professional level. They accidentally stumbled upon the term upcycling, which excited them both. The combination of reusing old materials, a passion for unique materials and working with their hands and creativity were just like pieces of a puzzle falling into place.
Milk Glass Pendant Lamp by Ruig & Geroest – upcycleDZINE
Photos © Ruig & Geroest

To guarantee the quality and safety of products like this pendant lamp, they not only use old materials but also new ones like nuts, bolts, fittings, switches, connectors and cables. Packaging is done by using used boxes and 100% recycled paper stuffing.
Please visit their shop to see their collection of honest design products.

Design by Ruig & Geroest

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