According to several trendwatchers, 2014 is going to be the year that upcycle design is going to break through. Some upcycle designers are into upcycling for more then 10 years. But since a few years more and more designers are using discarded objects and waste materials for design and production of new products.

See-through bench showing colorful waste

A place where you can find a lot of waste is the textile industry. And there’s where Belgium design company Atelier Belge come’s in. Atelier Belge is founded in 2008. “It is a young Belgian label that stands for concept design for different brands, hotels, shops. Ever since, our main purpose has been the creation of products with a distinct, timeless and durable character.”
They started looking at new and innovative ways to create furniture which incorporates sustainable solutions. This resulted in PLOF, an unique eco-friendly upcycle design bench that reuses different types of production waste in a creative and colorful way. Textile leftovers are shredded into smaller pieces and upholstered with see-through durable PE foil to create furniture benches.

Photos © Atelier Belge

The bench is padded to give it more comfort and to make it look like a real bench. Every bench is unique because the colorful filling is never the same.
PLOF was designed in collaboration between Oskar Vermeylen, Vincent Welleman, Yves Verhaegen and Pim Van Eijck.

Product by Atelier Belge | Sold at outdoorz gallery



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