Reclaimed Seatbelt Chair by Adam Barron

Reclaimed Seatbelt Chair by Adam Barron – upcycleDZINE
A seatbelt isn’t an object you might think of upcycling. But there’re some pretty nice upcycle designs out there that use them. Some time ago upcycleDZINE featured Seatbelt Furniture by Nuttapong Charoenkitivarakorn. Furniture with an elegant twisting contrast, a collection consisting of chairs, stools and benches.
Today I came across a completely different chair using seatbelts. The chair is called ‘Reclaimed Seatbelt Chair‘ designed by Adam Barron. When he designed this chair in 2010 he was an Industrial Design student at the University of Cincinnati. The chair is made from a steel rod frame and seatbelts he collected from a local junkyard.

Craftsmanship is shown using 53 reclaimed seatbelts

At UncommonGoods they had a product design contest which challenged participants to design a product using reclaimed auto parts. Adam Barron won the contest with his design that was originally a school project, in which he had to incorporate three of five Japanese design principles: humor, craftsmanship, compactness, asymmetry and simplicity.
Reclaimed Seatbelt Chair by Adam Barron – upcycleDZINE
Reclaimed Seatbelt Chair by Adam Barron – upcycleDZINE
Photos © UncommonGoods

The fantastic Reclaimed Seatbelt Chair is highly adjustable. Using the buckles on the vertically oriented seatbelts lets you alter the tightness. The horizontally oriented seatbelts have metal snaps that are attached to the metal frame in order to remove or rearrange as desired.
Each chair features 53 seatbelts and is handmade in New York.

Design by Adam Barron | UncommonGoods


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